February 22, 2019

Assessment: August 2010

Taking a prompt from Lori, I’m looking back at how I did in August. It could be better.

I was contacted by a company that has a 3 month project they’re starting up. Would I be interested? I was. But they also put an ad out on a few sites and I wasn’t their only candidate. I found out today that they went with someone else. It’s tough when you lose out on a project you know you’d be good at (and you could use the financial boost, too).

I’m still waiting on an invoice from July – still waiting on an update, in fact.

Queries? I need to do more. Right now I’m updating my site so when I do contact companies I have something better to show them. While my site isn’t too bad right now, it lacks in SEO goodness. That’s what happens when you use iWeb to set up your site. It’s really pretty, but not so great if you want people to find you. So with help, I’m setting up a premium theme that we’ll customize. That way I get the benefit of how easy it is to use WordPress combined with the ability to actually input meta tags and data.

My plan during September is to finish designing a brochure and postcard that I can send out to potential clients. And actually send some out. Time to do some targeted research on who to contact. And use my network of friends and colleagues. With only 12 weeks until my son is born, I need to market now. No time to waste.

How did you do in August? Any plans for how you’re hoping September will go?