February 22, 2019

Small biz marketing resources

For a time, I wrote marketing articles for b5media’s Bizzia site. It has since been rolled into Every Joe and some of my posts are still there (unfortunately, you can’t just pull them up by my name – hey, it looks like you can get them by my name again!).

Here are some links to the articles as they now stand. (Due to my contract, I can’t reproduce them here, but I can link them.)

Simple Marketing Steps: Email Signatures

Levi’s “Go Forth” Campaign

Nestle Ad Campaign Incorporates Twitter

Your Product Packaging Sends a Message

Sell More, Just Don’t Nickel and Dime Us

Transparency in Social Media Marketing

Marketing to Children?

Book Review: Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps

The Great Facebook Land Grab

How to Monitor What People Say About You

Use Reviews to Improve Your Product

Could Facebook Limit Your Marketing?

FedEx to Fight UPS Support of Labor Bill

New Mars Candy – First in 20 Years

Word of Mouth – Another Reason It’s Crucial

Why Features Are As Important as Benefits

Set SMART Marketing Goals

Using Twitter in Ads

It’s All About Respect

Marketing Hit or Miss – Healthy Choice

Why You Should Have a Marketing Plan

Writing a Creative Brief

Your Phone Service Can Lose You Customers

American Airlines Targets Hispanic Customers

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Moving Beyond Old Marketing Techniques

Marketing Paradigm Shifts

New FTC Guidelines Can Affect Your Marketing

Marketing to a Receptive Audience

Why Opt-Out Marketing Can Hurt You

Using Marketing Tie-Ins

Too-Long Surveys Hurt Good Will

Triggering a Referral

Shady PR Can Hurt Your Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Google or Facebook? You May Need Both.

Yelp Can Help You Market Your Business

Conference Marketing: Know Your Audience

Creating Loyal Customers

Too Little, Too Late?

Creativity Isn’t Everything

Google Wave Gets a Developer Preview

Free Press Release Sites – Worth It?

Can Employees Damage Your Reputation Online?

Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Biz

UN Launches ‘Hopenhagen’ Campaign

TSA Uses Blog and Twitter to Defend Itself

New Bing Ad Spots – Hit or Miss?

Do You Want to be Clever or Memorable

When Subtlety is not Your Strong Point

Are You Offending Potential Customers?

The Importance of You as Your Brand

Social Media Can Come Back to Bite You

Social Media Myths More Like Misconceptions

Social Media Misconceptions, Pt. 2

Social Media Misconceptions, Pt. 3

Using Giveaway Contact Info

Affiliates Can Help You Market

Conference Marketing: Be Professional

Word of Mouth – Helping or Hurting Your Biz

Marketing with Paper or Electronic Newsletters

Why You Should Have a Marketing Plan

You Started a Biz Blog, Now What?

Ideas That Spread

A Missed Opportunity is a Missed Sale

5 Ways To Get More From LinkedIn

Stand Out, Push Your Product to the Edge

Nonverbal Marketing

Marketing Missteps: Cereal Killer

Adapt or Become Useless

Has Blogger Outreach Hit Its Tipping Point?

Bloggers and PR Blackouts

Image vs. Audience

Annoying Infomercial Practices

Six Steps to a Better Giveaway, Pt. 1

Six Steps to a Better Giveaway, Pt. 2

Making Benefits All About the Customer