January 16, 2019

Personal Message Press Release – for political candidate

For Immediate Release

Contact Maya Smith
Phone # 555-1212
Email:  Contactus@campaign.com

Hi, I’m Maya Smith and I’m seeking the office of Recorder of Deeds. I have the experience and knowledge to provide the excellent service you’ve been used to for over twenty years. If you’ve gotten married or bought or sold real estate in Small County, you’ve probably been to the Recorder’s Office.

I’ve worked in the Recorder’s Office for 24 years. I will continue to work FULL TIME to serve the needs of Small County. There will be no transition period or down time if I am elected. My staff is already trained and we won’t need additional staff to keep the office running smoothly. I love my job and want to work for you, the people of Small County.

In 1981 I started working in the Recorder’s Office and over the next decade I thoroughly learned the office. In 1992 when the Circuit Clerk’s office moved to the Judicial Center, I became the Chief Deputy Recorder; I’ve managed the office for Shelley Cole since then. Cole is running for Circuit Clerk now that the offices are separate.

I helped make many positive changes in the Recorder’s Office. In 1980 we recorded 5490 documents. In 2005, we were up to 20,320 recorded documents.  We moved from hand-written indexes and microfilm to scanned documents and computer indexes.  In June, we changed systems in anticipation of going online to accept electronic filings. We have several helpful changes in store this summer.

Since I’ve been in the Recorder’s Office, we went from two employees to four employees. I trained all of the staff in the office; I know every job and don’t ask my staff to do anything that I can’t do. We strive record documents quickly – document turnaround is usually less than three days.

I attended training to keep informed on laws and technology that will affect my office. I want to keep the Recorder’s Office up-to-date with procedures and technology. We are frequently complimented on our state-of-the-art technology and friendly, helpful service.

The Recorder’s Office handles all real estate documents. When you buy, sell, borrow money, or pay off your loan, your documents are recorded in our office. We issue marriage licenses, record Military Discharges, federal and state tax liens, and surveys and plats for all recorded subdivisions in Small County. We hold land records and marriage licenses back to 1851, when Small County was formed.  We are audited every four years and have no unfavorable recommendations or audit findings.

I was born in Statehood and I married a Small County native, Gil Smith. We moved back to Smalltown after Gil was honorably discharged from the Army.  Gil worked at LocalCo for over 20 years and retired in 2003. We have two children, Mike and Toni. Mike and his wife, Dena, reside near Midtown. Toni and her husband, Ray, reside in Bigtown. Both of my parents were WWII veterans. My mother was a Marine; my dad was Army-Air Force. My dad was a Prisoner of War in Romania for 18 months after he was shot down and captured during the oil refinery bombings in Ploesti. My father retired from the Army in South HotTown. I attended school in several states and Japan while my dad was in the Army. I graduated as Salutatorian from a large South HotTown high school. I’ve lived in Small County for the last 40 years and consider this my home.  I’m an active member of Smalltown Church and the Political Club.

Remember, I’ve trained for this job for 24 years. If you come to the Recorder’s Office, wouldn’t you like an experienced, dedicated Recorder to help you?

Paid for by MayaSmith4Recorder, George Johnson, Treasurer.


For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Maya Smith at 555-1212 or e-mail at Contactus@campaign.com.

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