January 16, 2019

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Experienced Chief Deputy Recorder Plans to Run For Office in 2006

Maya Smith, Chief Deputy Recorder of Deeds for Small County since 1988, has announced her intent to run for Small County Recorder of Deeds. The County Commission decided to separate the Circuit Clerk and Recorder of Deeds in 2003. This office, currently under the Circuit Clerk, will be an elected office in 2006.

“The people of Small County deserve an honest, knowledgeable Recorder who will work full-time to provide the services they’ve come to expect,” Smith said. “I have 24 years’ experience in the Recorder’s Office and plan to continue the excellent service we are known for throughout the county.”

Under Smith’s guidance, the Recorder’s Office has grown from two to four employees. They transitioned from using microfilm and hand-written indexes to scanned documents and computer indexes. In March, they will implement a new computer system that will allow internet access to their indexes. They were one of the first local counties to implement computerized indexes.

Smith joined the Recorder’s Office in 1981. She learned every aspect of the office and has trained her employees in the same. “I don’t ask anyone in my office to do something that I wouldn’t do,” Smith says. “I plan to be in the office full time. There will be no down time or transition in the office if I’m elected.”

A longtime Small County resident, Smith lives in Smalltown with her husband Gil, a Small County native and Army veteran. Married 41 years, they have 2 children, Mike and Toni. Both of her parents were WWII veterans and her father was a WWII POW. She is an active member of the Small County Political Committee and Smalltown Church.

“I look forward to continuing my service to Small County as the Recorder of Deeds. I love my job,” Smith said. “It is my desire to preserve the Small County Recorder’s reputation throughout the area as an innovative and respected organization.”


For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Maya Smith at 555-1212 or e-mail Maya at Contactus@campaign.com.

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