March 20, 2018

Don’t Leave Your Child Behind

You’re in a hurry, late for an appointment and you still need to drop your child by the babysitter’s. You stop at the store, the gas station, or a friend’s house and jump out for “just a minute.” It’s cold outside, so you leave the car running, your sleeping child inside. He should be fine, right?

Wrong. It’s a common story on the news, and just happened a few days ago in a Missouri city. A dad left his 3-year old boy in the car in Springfield while he went inside a friend’s house. But while he was away, someone drove off with his car, the sleeping boy still inside. Fortunately, the child later knocked on a nearby door and was safely reunited with his parents.

But is it worth the risk? I don’t think so. As tempting as it is to leave your child, even for a moment, don’t do it. A running car is an open invitation to a thief and they won’t notice a sleeping child in the back. An older child could wake up, climb out of his or her car/ booster seat and put the car in gear. If a window is down slightly, a child can get stuck while trying to put up an electric window, causing serious injury or even death. Or they could slip out of the car without your notice. I’ve seen too many stories of lost children, or those that have been injured when a parent didn’t see the child behind the car.

So be safe this winter, and every season. Take your kids with you and never leave them unattended in the car. Your child’s safety is worth a few extra minutes, isn’t it?

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