February 22, 2019

It’s a New Day

A few years back I had a blog on my portfolio site. When I was back in school, I posted a lot of my college papers and other things. It showed what I was working on and hopefully showcased my abilities as well.

But I’ve moved on from that blogging platform and decided not to keep those old posts. I don’t think any of my papers were ever stolen (and I purposefully didn’t include my sources to make it harder to pass off as someone else’s), yet I finally decided that they weren’t really useful here.

So it’s a new day and I’m starting over with a new blog. I read a lot of other freelance writing blogs and sometimes their topics prompt me into long comments which are probably best served here, on my own space. I will always link back to what inspired me, assuming I can remember where I saw it.

Do you take other discussions as a jumping-off point, or do you prefer to come up with completely different topics on your own? Can you ever really avoid being influenced by the things you read?

(I’m trying to get comments to turn on for this post, but even though it’s checked, the option to comment still isn’t showing up. I apologize.)